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* MP Kavinda resigns from PSC looking into Easter Sunday attacks, Minister Rajitha and JVP MP Nalinda appointed instead

May 24 (CP) Colombo- United National Party (UNP) Parliamentarian Kavinda Jayawardena has resigned from the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) appointed to look into the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks on April 21.
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* Sri Lanka Tamil party condemns President's act of pardoning extremist Buddhist monk

May 24 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka's main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) condemned President Maithripala Sirisena granting a presidential pardon to the extremist Buddhist monk Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera who was serving a six-year rigorous imprisonment for contempt of court.
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* Economic indicators stable - Finance Minister

May 24 (DN) The country’s basic economic indicators are currently stable even in the midst of terrorist attacks, Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera told parliament yesterday. Commencing the debate on the Foreign Exchange Act he said economic stability was established in the country after 2015.
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* Top Vatican envoy holds discussions with Sri Lanka Prime Minister on recent attacks

May 23 (CP) Colombo- A top Vatican official, who is visiting Sri Lanka following the Easter Sunday attacks on Catholic churches last month, held discussions with the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today (May 23).
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* Sri Lanka leaders congratulate Indian PM Modi on his election victory

May 23 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka's political leaders today congratulated the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his victory in the recently concluded General Elections at which the governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is set to win about 300 of the 543 seats in Indian parliament.
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* Debate on no-confidence motion against Minister Bathiudeen on June 18, 19

May 23 (CP) Colombo- The Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has informed the parliament today that the debated on the No Confidence Motion against Minister Rishad Bathiudeen will be held on June 18th and 19th.
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* Top Vatican envoy inspects aftermath of Sri Lanka attacks

May 23 (UCAN) One of the Vatican's top officials has made an unheralded visit to Sri Lanka to show solidarity with Catholics still reeling from the Easter suicide bombings that claimed over 250 lives and injured more than 400.
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* Some school administrators cashing in on security fears

May 23 (Island) The Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU), yesterday, demanded the government to regulate the collection of money from parents by certain school administrators on the pretext of purchasing equipment to enhance school security.
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* Govt. prepared to face any NCM - PM

May 23 (DN) Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday said that the government did not refuse to take up the No Confidence Motion (NCM) against Minister Rishad Bathiudeen for debate in Parliament. The Prime Minister further said that the government “will not run away from anything” and is prepared to face the JVP’s NCM against the government as well.
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* Minister Bathiudeen denies exerting pressure on Army Commander to release anyone

May 24 (CP) Colombo- Minister Rishad Bathiudeen says contrary to the allegations levelled against him, he never exerted pressure on the Commander of the Army to release any arrested person. Using his right to reply in the House, the Minister in Parliament on Wednesday responded to the allegations levelled against him by opposition politicians.
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* I won’t call myself a Buddhist, but one who follows Buddhist Philosophy: Mangala

May 24 (DM) Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera told parliament today that he would not call himself a Buddhist but a person who follows the Buddhist Philosophy. “There is no religion called Buddhism as it is only a philosophy.
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* No agreement to set up a US base in Sri Lanka - envoy

May 23 (CP) Colombo- The United States has not reached any agreement to establish a permanent US military base in Sri Lanka, U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Alaina B. Teplitz said.
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* Sri Lanka PM hopes bilateral ties with Australia continue to be strengthened under newly elected Australian PM

May 23 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe congratulating the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison who has secured a majority government on a shocking election victory in Saturday's election.
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* Ration and other allowances paid to Tri - Services increased - Finance Ministry

May 23 (CP) Colombo- The Ministry of Finance said the ration and other allowances paid to all the officers and other ranks in the Tri-Services have been increased by the government. Some of these allowances had not been increased for over the last 20 years.
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* Sri Lanka's HC in Pakistan refutes news report on halting Pakistan- Sri Lanka trade

May 23 (CP) Colombo- The High Commission of Sri Lanka in Pakistan has dismissed a Pakistani newspaper report titled "Pakistan's trade with Sri Lanka Comes to a halt", which appeared on May 20 as fake news.
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* Combating the weaponisation of digital media in Sri Lanka

May 23 (Asia Dialogue) A temporary block on several social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Viber, IMO, Snapchat and Twitter has been deployed in Sri Lanka for the third time within the space of a month.
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* House approves motion amidst protests by Opposition

May 23 (DM) Parliament yesterday approved a motion to set up a select committee to look into Easter Sunday attacks and to determine whether any MP or a Minister had any association with the terror group which carried out the attack.
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