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* German Finance Minister commits suicide after ‘coronavirus crisis worries’

Mar 29 (AFP) Mr Thomas Schaefer, the finance minister of Germany’s Hesse state, has committed suicide apparently after becoming "deeply worried" over how to cope with the economic fallout from the coronavirus, state premier Volker Bouffier said on Sunday (March 29).
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* Coronavirus: Cruise ship off Panama coast transfers passengers

Mar 29 (BBC) A cruise ship carrying more than 1,800 people off Panama is in a race to transfer healthy passengers to another ship after four people died and two others tested positive for coronavirus. The owners of the Zaandam, Holland America, said that more than 130 people on board had reported suffering "flu-like symptoms" and respiratory issues.
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* Coronavirus: Countries scramble to retrieve tourists stranded in Asia

Mar 28 (DW) Thousands of European tourists are stranded in Nepal, Sri Lanka and other locations across Asia. Germany has arranged emergency flights to bring citizens home as countries close their borders due to the pandemic.
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* Coronavirus travel: China bars foreign visitors as imported cases rise

Mar 28 (BBC) China has announced a temporary ban on all foreign visitors, even if they have visas or residence permits. The country is also limiting Chinese and foreign airlines to one flight per week, and flights must not be more than 75% full.
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* Coronavirus: India’s PM Modi seeks ‘forgiveness’ over lockdown

Mar 29 (BBC) India’s prime minister has asked for his country’s forgiveness after imposing a sweeping lockdown that he said had hurt millions of poor people. Criticism has mounted over the lack of planning ahead of the coronavirus shutdown, which was introduced with less than four hours’ notice.
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* Coronavirus cradle Wuhan partly reopens after lockdown

Mar 29 (BBC) The city in China where the coronavirus pandemic began, Wuhan, has partially re-opened after more than two months of isolation. Crowds of passengers were pictured arriving at Wuhan train station on Saturday. People are being allowed to enter but not leave, according to reports.
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* Coronavirus: The woman behind India’s first testing kit

Mar 28 (BBC) India has been criticised for its poor record of testing people in the battle against coronavirus. That, however, is set to change, thanks in large part to the efforts of one virologist, who delivered on a working test kit, just hours before delivering her baby .
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