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* India’s Republic Day celebrations marked with protests, blasts

Jan 27 (CNA) Hundreds of thousands of Indians protested across the country on Sunday (Jan 26) against a citizenship Bill that many fear is discriminatory against the minority Muslim community. The protests, which began last month, gathered fresh momentum as India celebrated Republic Day,
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* Rockets hit US embassy in Baghdad amid protests

Jan 27 (BBC) At least three rockets struck the US embassy in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Sunday. One rocket hit the embassy cafeteria while two others landed a short distance away, a source told AFP.
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* Indian government to end five-month Internet blackout in restive Kashmir

Jan 26 (CNA) Internet services will be partly restored in Indian Kashmir from Saturday (Jan 25), ending a five-and-a half-month government-imposed blackout in the troubled region, but social media will stay offline, local authorities said.
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* Beijing to close section of Great Wall, other tourist sites

Jan 25 (CNA) China announced Friday (Jan 24) it will close a section of the Great Wall and other famous Beijing landmarks to control the spread of a deadly virus that has infected hundreds of people across the country.
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* Iran raid left ‘34 US troops with traumatic brain injuries’

Jan 25 (BBC) The Pentagon has said that 34 US troops were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) following an Iranian attack on their base in Iraq. Seventeen troops are still under medical observation, a spokesman said.
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* UK PM unveils fast-track science visas after Brexit

Jan 27 (BBC) A fast-track UK visa for scientists, mathematicians and researchers will be launched next month, the prime minister has said. The Global Talent visa will be open from 20 February to those who work in a qualifying field and have been endorsed by a recognised UK body.
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* Coronavirus: Death toll rises to 80 as China extends holiday

Jan 27 (BBC) The number of people killed in China by the coronavirus has risen to 80, with almost 3,000 confirmed ill. The national new year holiday has been extended by three days to Sunday, in an attempt to contain the outbreak.
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* China coronavirus spread is accelerating, Xi Jinping warns

Jan 26 (BBC) The spread of a deadly new virus is accelerating, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned, after holding a special government meeting on the Lunar New Year public holiday.The coronavirus has killed at least 56 people and infected almost 2,000 since its discovery in the city of Wuhan.
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* Wuhan virus death toll hits 41 as cases soar to nearly 1,300 in China

Jan 25 (CNA) A deadly viral outbreak in China has now killed 41 people, while the number of infected cases has soared to nearly 1,300, authorities said Saturday (Jan 25). The 15 new deaths all took place in Wuhan, the city of 11 million where the deadly respiratory contagion first emerged, the Hubei Health Commission said.
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