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* PM Modi looms large in India state polls

Nov 29 (BBC) The western Indian state of Gujarat is set to choose its next government in a two-phase election that begins on Thursday. Pre-poll surveys have predicted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will win a majority of the 182 seats in the state for a record seventh time in a row
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* Huge crowds for Imran Khan at first rally since shooting

Nov 27 (BBC) Pakistan’s ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken to a huge crowd of supporters in his first public appearance since being shot at and injured three weeks ago. Crowds gathered for a rally in the city of Rawalpindi, taking flags and signs.
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* Covid protests in Chinese city after deadly fire

Nov 26 (BBC) Videos shared on social media in China have appeared to show fresh protests against Covid restrictions, after an apartment block fire killed 10 people. People in Urumqi are seen confronting officials, breaking down a barrier and shouting "end the Covid lockdown". Infections have hit new highs in China in spite of a tough zero-Covid policy.
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* Chinese police clamp down after days of protests

Nov 29 (BBC) China’s protests against Covid restrictions which erupted over the weekend appear to have died down, as authorities begin clamping down. A heavy police presence has been reported in several cities, and some gatherings were quelled or failed to materialise.
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* Deadlock deepens at Adani’s south India port as protesters block trucks

Nov 26 (Reuters) - Protesters from a fishing community blocked attempts by India’s Adani Group to restart work on a $900 million transhipment port in south India, a company spokesperson said on Saturday, prolonging a deadlock that has stalled the port’s development. Construction at Adani’s Vizhinjam seaport in Kerala state on the southern tip of India has been halted for more than three months
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