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* Pakistan PM Imran Khan congratulates Modi; expresses desire to work with him for peace in South Asia

May 24 (NIE) Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday congratulated his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi on his victory in the general elections and expressed desire to work with him for peace, progress and prosperity in the region. Prime Minister Modi led his Bharatiya Janata Party towards what looks set to be a resounding victory for a second term in office.
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* US lawmaker 'punched wife for not undressing quickly enough'

May 23 (BBC) A Mississippi state lawmaker has been accused of drunkenly assaulting his wife because she was taking too long to undress for sex. Doug McLeod, 58, was arrested on Saturday night in George County on a minor domestic violence charge.
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* School students walk out in global climate strike

May 24 (BBC) School students in Australia and New Zealand have gone on strike, marking the start of a worldwide day of climate change protests. Organisers expect more than one million young people will participate in at least 110 countries on Friday.
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* Modi takes clear lead in epic India poll

May 23 (BBC) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's governing party has taken a decisive lead as votes are counted after the country's marathon general election. The alliance led by his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is ahead in more than 300 seats and Mr Modi looks on course to keep his commanding majority.
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