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* Chandrayaan-2: India launches second Moon mission

July 23 (BBC) India has successfully launched its second lunar mission a week after it halted the scheduled blast-off due to a technical snag. Chandrayaan-2 was launched at 14:43 local time (09:13 GMT) from the Sriharikota space station.
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* Resistant malaria spreading in South East Asia

July 23 (BBC) Malaria parasites resistant to key drugs have spread rapidly in South East Asia, researchers from the UK and Thailand say. The parasites have moved from Cambodia to Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, where half of patients are not being cured by first-choice drugs.
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* Dharma Dogs: Buddhist chants calm stray Myanmar mutts Toggle share menu

July 21 (CNA) Pumped out over speakers, Buddhist chants play for packs of stray dogs at a Yangon shelter in an unusual effort to calm them down as Myanmar struggles to control a ballooning canine population and a deadly rabies scourge.
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* Former Maldives president pleads not guilty to money laundering charges

July 21 (CNA) MALE- Abdulla Yameen, the former president of the Maldives, pleaded not guilty to charges of money laundering on Sunday (Jul 21), in the first hearing of a criminal court trial into the matter.
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* Imran Khan: Pakistan PM meets Trump in bid to mend ties

July 23 (BBC) Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is holding his first face-to-face talks with US President Donald Trump during a trip to Washington DC. The meeting is part of a push to mend relations, which have been strained by the Afghan conflict.
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* India denies PM Modi asked Trump to mediate in Kashmir conflict

July 23 (BBC) India has denied that PM Narendra Modi asked US President Donald Trump to mediate in the the longstanding Kashmir conflict with Pakistan. The Indian foreign ministry said "no such request" was made, adding that all issues with Pakistan were "discussed only bilaterally".
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* US to press Pakistan PM on Afghan peace, terrorism crackdown

July 21 (CNA) US President Donald Trump is likely to press Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for help on ending the war in Afghanistan and fighting militants when the two leaders meet at the White House on Monday (Jul 22) amid their countries' strained relations.
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* Veteran Indian politician Sheila Dikshit dies at 81

July 21 (BBC) The former chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit has died aged 81, following a long illness. The veteran politician was the longest-serving chief minister of the Indian capital, serving for three terms from 1998 to 2013.
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