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* Train-jeep collision in Sri Lanka kills four

Apr 27 (CP) Colombo- Four people have died in the Iranamadu area of Kilinochchi Monday when the jeep they were traveling collided with a train, the police said. The jeep carrying 6 people collided with a goods transport train plying from Jaffna to Anuradhapura on the Northern track at an unprotected railway crossing, police spokesperson told media.
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* Pakistan forces kill terrorist involved in attack on Sri Lanka cricket team

Apr 27 (CP) Lahore- Pakistan security forces during an operation near Lahore have killed three wanted Taliban terrorists including one involved in the attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore in 2009.
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* Supreme Court decision on Sri Lanka government's RTI Bill and National Audit Bill tomorrow

Apr 27 (CP) Colombo- The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka is to inform the Speaker of parliament and the President of its opinion on the proposed Right to Information (RTI) Bill and the National Audit Bill.
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* Sri Lanka, Turkey naval teams to conduct training exercises in maritime security

Apr 27 (CP) Colombo- The Turkish naval ship, TCG GEDIZ on her way from Mumbai to Port Klang in Malaysia arrived at the Port of Colombo on Sunday, April 26, on a two-day goodwill visit. Sri Lanka Navy along with the officials from the Embassy of Turkey ceremonially welcomed the frigate TCG GEDIZ in accordance with naval traditions on arrival.
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* SFAF plane brings back 33 Lankans from Kathmandu

Apr 27 (Island) Air Force C-130 aircraft that flew Sri Lanka’s first rescue/relief contingent to Kathmandu yesterday early morning was scheduled to return to Colombo this morning with 33 Sri Lankans from there.
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* Interpol help sought to arrest ex-diplomat

Apr 27 (DN) The Colombo Magistrate’s Court has allowed Police to seek Interpol assistance to arrest Sepala Rathnayaka, former Minister (Consular and Immigration) of the High Commissioner to the UK, in connection with a child abuse case.
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* Sri Lanka probes serious security breach at President's event - report

Apr 26 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lankan authorities have begun a probe into an alleged security breach at an event attended by the President Maithripala Sirisena, a local media report said. The alleged security breach, which authorities reportedly call as the biggest VVIP security breach since the assassination bid against former president Chandrika Kumaratunga in 1999, said to have been committed at a meeting addressed by the President on Saturday at Angunakolapelessa.
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* No Sri Lankans hurt in Nepal earthquake, students safe

Apr 26 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka's Ambassador in Nepal Mr. W.M. Senevirathna ascertaining the safety and welfare of the Sri Lankans in Nepal has assured that no Sri Lankans were affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck in the vicinity of the capital Kathmandu.
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* Probe attack on social worker’s family: Muslim academics

Apr 26 (ST) A number of Muslim academics and activists are urging authorities to ensure a thorough and fair investigation of the harassment of family members of a journalist and social worker from the Eastern Province, over her opinion on sex workers. The statement bearing over 50 signatories said they are distressed and dismayed at the incidents of harassment against Sharmila Seyyid, who in 2012 in an interview with the Tamil Radio Service of the BBC voiced her opinion that sex workers may be better protected if prostitution was legalised.
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* Indian fishermen indulge in illegal acts in Sri Lankan waters, Indian Coast Guard says

Apr 27 (CP) Madurai- Indian Coast Guard today told the Madras High Court that Indian fishermen allegedly indulge in various illegal acts such as smuggling and trawling in Sri Lankan waters resulting in action by the island nation's navy.
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* Sri Lankan court orders police to charge extremist Buddhist organization

Apr 27 (CP) Colombo- A court in Sri Lanka has today directed the police to charge sheet members of the Sinhala Buddhist organization, Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). Colombo Fort Magistrate has ordered the police to file charges against General Secretary of the BBS, Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero and several other Buddhist monks in connection with two cases filed against them.
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* Sri Lanka missing persons commission report holds LTTE responsible for most disappearances

Apr 27 (CP) Colombo- The Presidential Commission Investigating Cases of Missing Persons (PCICMP) in Sri Lanka has said that at least four different groups including Sri Lanka's security forces and the LTTE were responsible for the disappearances of hundreds of persons during the war against the rebel group.
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* Deported Sri Lankan returns to Switzerland

Apr 27 (swissinfo) A Tamil asylum seeker who was sent back to his home country in 2013 and subsequently arrested has been allowed to return to Switzerland. The man, who was applying for asylum in Switzerland, was sent back to the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo two years ago after the State Secretariat for Migration concluded he would not be in danger if he went back home.
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* BBS to be charged with defamation and trespassing

Apr 27 (DM) The Colombo Fort Magistrate today ordered the police to file charge sheets against Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) Organisation General Secretary Ven. Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thera and several other Buddhist monks in connection with two cases filed against them.
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* Second Sri Lanka Army contingent with relief supplies ready to leave for Nepal

Apr 26 (CP) Colombo- The second Sri Lanka Army contingent with relief supplies is ready to leave for Nepal to assist relief efforts following the catastrophic7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the country Saturday.
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* Over 23,000 deserters respond to Sri Lanka Army's general amnesty

Apr 26 (CP) Colombo- Over 23,000 army absentees have responded to the general amnesty offered by the Sri Lanka Army to receive their discharge from the army came to an end. The general amnesty period declared by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) from April 2nd to 16th and extended afterwards for another 10 days ended yesterday (25).
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* Lankan Muslim Intelligentsia Back Writer Under Extremist Threat

Apr 26 (NIE) COLOMBO- The Sri Lankan Muslim intelligentsia on Sunday urged the authorities to bring to book extremists who have been harassing and intimidating Sharmila Seyyid for her writings and remarks against the Talibanization of Sri Lankan Muslim society.
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* Sajin fears arrest imminent

Apr 26 (SO) Former Monitoring MP for External Affairs Ministry Sajin de Vass Gunawardena claimed that the Government was planning to unlawfully arrest him over allegations of misuse of public funds. He told the Sunday Observer: "The two cases filed against me are civil actions. I cannot be charged under the Penal Code for criminal action based on civil matters."
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