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* Sri Lanka Navy nabs two persons with 135 kg of Kerala Cannabis

June 25 (CP) Colombo- On receipt of information to the Navy, Sri Lankan Navy personnel have arrested two individuals with 135 kg of Kerala cannabis (Kerala Ganja) in the North.
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* Amnesty International calls on Sri Lanka for immediate implementation of Office on Missing Persons

June 25 (CP) Colombo- The global human rights organization, Amnesty International (AI) has called on the Sri Lankan authorities to immediately implement the much delayed Office on Missing Persons (OMP). While commending the President and the Prime Minister for reaching out to the families of missing persons recently, the organization said the families cannot wait any longer.
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* CID action against those provoking religious or ethnic tension

June 25 (ST) Individuals or groups trying to provoke religious or ethnic hatred on social media are to be monitored and action taken against them by the Criminal Investigations Department, a senior official said. Law and Order Ministry Secretary Jagath Wijeweera told the Sunday Times the decision was taken following a meeting with the police and other agencies.
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* Child hacked to death

June 25 (SO) A six-year-old child was hacked to death in Kotadeniyawa when her mother along with her sister was attacked by a man with a ‘manna’ knife on Friday. According to the Police the incident had occurred in the Helagama, Kituwala area and the victims had received life threatening injuries in the attack.
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* Violence under cover of religion will not be tolerated - PM

June 24 (Island) Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that violence perpetrated under the cover of religion will not be tolerated. Addressing an Ifthar ceremony at Temple Trees on Thursday, Wickrememesinghe said that Islam like Buddhism taught one to be patient and act with restraint.
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* Tamil Nadu fishermen increase poaching in Sri Lankan waters, Navy arrests 39 fishermen in last three days

June 25 (CP) Colombo- Fishermen from Tamil Nadu state of India are increasingly crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line and invading the Sri Lankan waters for poaching despite Sri Lanka Navy's continued operations arresting the fishermen for illegal bottom trawling in island's territorial waters.
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* Reporter seeks justice for 'white van' torture in Sri Lanka

June 25 (AP) COLOMBO- The sight of a white van still haunts Poddala Jayantha, a Sri Lankan journalist exiled in the U.S.
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* Police probe killing of wealthy businessman’s daughter

June 25 (Island) Police are probing the brutal killing of a 26-year-old woman at Kottawa. She was found hacked to death in her bedroom in the family’s three-storied house on Thursday. The deceased was identified as Tharindi Aloka, the eldest daughter of a wealthy businessman in the area.
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* Sri Lanka Navy arrests 8 Indian fishermen for poaching in island waters

June 24 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka Navy on Friday has arrested 8 fishermen from India's Tamil Nadu state for allegedly crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) and fishing in Sri Lankan waters.
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* Battaramulle Seelaratana Thera files writ petition against CEB

June 24 (DN) Ven. Battaramulle Seelaratana Thera yesterday filed a writ petition in the Court of Appeal seeking an order preventing authorities from taking further steps in the procurement process relating to the development of a 300 megawatts combined cycle power plant at Kerawalapitiya.
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