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* Sri Lankan youth withdraws more than hundred times of his savings from ATMs

July 30 (CP) Colombo- A seventeen year old youth was produced in a Sri Lankan court today for fraudulently withdrawing more than 100 times of the amount he deposited in his account. The young offender ,who is a resident of Polonnaruwa, was produced in Colombo Magistrate Court today on a complaint lodged by a bank branch in Ja-Ela.
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* Militant Buddhist monk organization in Sri Lanka invades Ministry of Buddhist Affairs again

July 30 (CP) Colombo- Monks of Ravana Balaya, an extremist Buddhist group in Sri Lanka, again invaded the Ministry of Buddhist Affairs today demanding a discussion with the Minister who is also the Prime Minister.
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* Minor staff employees of Sri Lanka government hospitals stage protest in capital city

July 30 (CP) Colombo- Thousands of supplementary staff employees of Sri Lanka's government hospitals staged a protest march today after discussions with the authorities to win their demands have failed. The junior health workers belonging to 27 trade unions reported sick today disrupting work at hospitals island wide.
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* Tamil Nadu CM writes to Indian PM again on Sri Lanka Navy arresting 50 Indian fishermen

July 29 (CP) Chennai- Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has written to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi again to take immediate action through highest diplomatic levels to secure the release of all the Tamil Nadu fishermen arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy for poaching in the island's territorial waters.
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* Sri Lanka Navy arrests 50 Indian fishermen

July 29 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lankan Navy on Monday night has arrested 50 Indian fishermen for allegedly crossing the International Maritime Boundary line and fishing in the country's waters, Indian media reported.
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* Decrease in respect for religious freedom in Sri Lanka as extremists target religious minorities - Report

July 29 (CP) Washington, DC- Although Sri Lanka's Constitution and other laws and policies protect religious freedom, there was an overall decrease in societal respect for religious freedom, as Buddhist nationalist groups led campaigns targeting Muslims and Christians, International Religious Freedom Report for 2013 released by the United States yesterday said.
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* Police obtain CCTV footage of persons following BASL Chief

July 30 (Island) The police have obtained the CCTV footage of two unknown persons wearing full-face helmets on a motorcycle following President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) Upul Jayasuriya’s car recently.
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* Four year old boy kidnapped

July 30 (DM) Police are investigating the kidnapping of a four year old boy named Damindu Yasen Ekanayake and an attack on his parents in Katugampalagama village in the Meegalewa Division.
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* Army women nabbed at gambling den

July 29 (Island) Sleuths of the Panadura-Walana based Anti-Vice Strike Force busted a gambling den at Athurugiriya, Panagoda and nabbed nine persons including two female soldiers while rolling the dice and casting lots for money yesterday morning. The two females a private and a corporal are attached to the Pangagoda Military Cantonment.
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* Abduction of a four year old child shocks Sri Lanka as police remain clueless

July 30 (CP) Colombo- A bold abduction of a four year old boy in the presence of his parents in the Katugampola area of the Meegalewa Police Division in North Western Province of Sri Lanka has shocked the country. Police remain clueless even 48 hours after the abduction and the weeping parents said in evening TV news that they were ready to sacrifice everything for the life of the child.
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* Factions of Sri Lanka doctors' union at national hospital clash

July 30 (CP) Colombo- A tense situation erupted at the Colombo National Hospital of Sri Lanka due to a clash between two groups of doctors. The clashed groups belonged to two factions of the powerful doctors' union, Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA).
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* Former LTTE members in Sri Lanka tour the South

July 30 (CP) Colombo- Former members of the Tamil Tiger terrorist group Liberations Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who had undergone rehabilitation, have recently visited the southern part of the country.
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* Students' Collective at Open University of Sri Lanka lodges a rights complaint

July 29 (CP) Colombo- The Students' Collective of the Open University of Sri Lanka lodged a complaint yesterday at the Human Rights Commission against abolition of students' unions and several other administrative issues. The Student Collective mentioned in the complaint that the university authorities have increased the course fees by around fifty percent.
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* Sri Lanka Marxist party leader's driver arrested for the accident

July 29 (CP) Colombo- The Police have arrested the driver of Sri Lanka Marxist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Leader, parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayake in connection with yesterday's accident which caused injuries to the MP.
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* Sri Lanka to Block Protesting Indian Fishermen

July 30 (NIE) COLOMBO- Sri Lanka today said it will block all attempts to violate its Territorial waters amid reports that Tamil Nadu fishermen have threatened to force their way into Sri Lankan waters to protest against frequent arrests.
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* Sino - Lanka defence ties strong

July 30 (DN) Defence Attache of the Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka Senior Colonel Li Chenglin yesterday said defence cooperation plays an important role in bilateral relations between China and Sri Lanka.
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* India should not participate in defence conference in Sri Lanka, Karunanidhi and Vaiko say

July 29 (TOI) CHENNAI- DMK chief M Karunanidhi and MDMK leader Vaiko on Tuesday said India should not participate in a defence conference to be held in Sri Lanka between August 18 and 20.
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* Women nabbed with Rs. 10 m worth gold at BIA

July 29 (DN) Three women were nabbed when they attempted to smuggle gold worth over Rs. 10 million on Saturday morning at Bandaranaike International Airport, Customs Spokesman Leslie Gamini said. Two of the arrested women had attempted to board a flight to Bangalore ....
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