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* France wants ‘serious’ talks with UK on Channel migrants

Nov 28 (BBC) France’s interior minister has said he wants to work with the UK on migration but that talks need to be serious. Gérald Darmanin made the comments at a meeting of European officials following the deaths of 27 people who drowned in the English Channel near Calais last week after their boat sank.
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* UAE restricts inbound travel from certain African countries

Nov 27 (TOA) Travellers coming from certain African countries will not be accepted for travel into the UAE, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The important COVID-19 travel update comes into effect from November 29 until further notice and is as directed by the Dubai COVID‑19 Command and Control Centre (CCC). The coronavirus update comes as cases rise globally and there is concern about a new variant.
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* Covid: US joins EU in restricting flights from southern Africa over new coronavirus variant

Nov 27 (BBC) The US will restrict travel from South Africa and seven other southern African countries to try to contain a new coronavirus variant spreading there. From Monday, only US citizens and residents will be allowed to travel from the region.
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* UK raises alarm over new COVID-19 variant which could beat vaccines

Nov 26 (CNA) Britain on Thursday (Nov 25) said it was concerned by a newly identified coronavirus variant spreading in South Africa that might make vaccines less effective and imperil progress made across the world in fighting the pandemic.
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* Covid: Australia woman charged after setting fire in quarantine hotel

Nov 28 (BBC) A 31-year-old woman in Australia has been charged with arson after a fire destroyed part of a Covid-19 quarantine hotel in Cairns, Queensland. It is alleged she lit a fire under a bed in the room she had been sharing with two children on Sunday morning.
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* Covid: Dozens test positive on SA-Netherlands flights

Nov 27 (BBC) Sixty-one people who arrived in Amsterdam on two flights from South Africa have tested positive for Covid-19, Dutch officials say. They have been placed in isolation at a hotel near Schiphol airport. They were among some 600 passengers held for several hours after arrival while they were tested for the virus.
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* More than 50 reported dead in Siberia coal mine accident

Nov 26 (CNA) More than 50 people were reported to have died on Thursday (Nov 25) after smoke filled a Siberian coal mine and a rescue effort ended in tragedy. Senior managers at the mine in Russia’s Kemerovo region had been detained for suspected safety violations, after the latest deadly accident to hit the country’s vast mining industry.
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